Booking instructions using block code

1. Using your web browser, copy the link below

2. Click the tab labeled “Book Now”

3. Choose your selected dates, before searching, under the drop down menu where it says “Rate Preferences,” Choose the option for Group Rate.

4. Enter the Group Code: MSO

5. You are all set to proceed with your reservation

Booking instructions using booking link

1. Please click your groups booking link below

2. After opening the link, you should arrive on the hotel’s main page. After choosing the correct dates, you will see your special group rate

Please note that the link is not compatible with Internet explorer.

Booking instructions via phone

  1. Call the hotel 404-877-9000
  2. Ask to speak with a reservations agent.
  3. Provide the booking agent your stay dates and the name of the block or the group block code: MSO